Daylight White- Express Daytime Professional Teeth Whitening

  • $499.00

8 Days to Complete

  • Includes Impression Kit to take impressions from home
  • Personalized, easy to follow calendar shows what to do each day
  • Whitening Treatments + Strengthening Treatments
  • Complementary Shipping 

Whitening Treatment Includes
10 One-hour Whitening Treatments 

  • Two types of Enamel- Safe Whitening Gel 
  • Beverly Hills Whitening Trays- custom fitted for you
  • Gauze
  • Cleaning Brush

Strengthening Treatment Includes
4 Strengthening Treatments 

  • Strengthening Paste
  • Strengthening Trays- custom fitted for you

Customized Treatment Box will arrive within 14 days of mailing back teeth impressions