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Sold out

This Treatment

30 minute daytime treatment


Equivalent to 1.5 In-Office Treatments

Treatment is completed in 14 days


Using medical grade impression kits, we'll get perfect models of your smile and create custom whitening & strengthening trays.


Designed by a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist, your treatment calendar lays out when to whiten and when to strengthen, for the best results possible.


Our patent-pending whitening tray design creates a negative pressure environment, sealing out saliva and sealing in whitening gel.

This allows us to use whitening gels you'd only find in the dental office. We use high-strength gel to quickly penetrate the remove stains in 30 minutes.


Custom strengthening trays and professional-grade strengthening paste supply bio-available calcium & phosphate, reducing sensitivity and increasing enamel strength.

The Process

1. Pick Your Treatment

2. Receive your impression kit and take impressions of your smile

3. Return impressions via the provided return packaging and postage

4. Relax

We will begin constructing your custom trays and treatment. As soon as we're done we'll send your your complete treatment box with everything you need for a great smile.

5. Follow your treatment calendar and instructions to complete your treatment!


Your impression kit will be mailed up to 1 business day after your order has been placed.

Your Treatment will arrive 1-2 weeks MAXIMUM after the impression kit is returned via pre-paid postage.

We'd be happy to expedite if needed, just contact us directly.  

Daylight White is completed after 14 days of whitening & strengthening.

What's Included

Your Box Includes:
  • 4x Impression kit & prepaid return postage
  • 2x Custom BHW Whitening Trays
  • 2x Custom-fit strengthening trays
  • 2x Portable Tray Case
  • 4x Carbamide Peroxide Syringes (35%)
  • Bio-available strengthening paste (RECALDENTTM)
  • Daytime White treatment calendar
  • Instructional references
  • Brush/gauze


Eating and drinking naturally stains your teeth

To maintain your pearly whites after completion of the Daylight White program, we suggest sleeping with your trays once a month.

Our maintenance program makes this easy. 3 shipments a year will supply you with whitening gel and strengthening paste to keep your teeth looking great, and we'll remind you when it's time to touch up. You even get a lifetime warranty on your Beverly Hills Whitening trays.

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