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Hand Made Beverly Hills Whitening Trays

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Did You Know?

Our patent-pending Beverly Hills Whitening Trays keep whitening gel in place and saliva out. Custom-made by hand in LA to fit your smile.

Built-in pockets on each tooth hold whitening gel in and keep saliva out for better results and more comfort. 

Whitening Trays are used for the 8-Day treatment and monthly during "touch-ups". 

About The Trays:

  • Fabricated in our state-of-the-art dental laboratory using 3D scanning & printing technology
  • Comfortable: Similar feel to clear retainers/aligners
  • Custom-made by hand in LA 
  • Tray thickness: 0.4mm


  • Beverly Hills Whitening Trays
  • Impression Kit to take imprints of your smile
  • Tray Case 
  • All Shipping


• 1 set of Custom-Made Beverly Hills Whitening Trays: 1 upper tray & 1 lower tray

• Whitening Tray case with mirror

• Impression Kit to take imprints of your smile

• All Shipping included

During Whitening Treatment:

Beverly Hills Whitening Trays are worn during treatments to properly hold gel in place.

After Treatment:

Trays are worn monthly with New Stain Remover so results don't fade. Trays may also be used as retainers.

1.  After purchase, an Impression Kit will be mailed the following business day. Easily take your own impressions from home in about 10 minutes. Video and instructions included.

2. Mail impressions to our dental laboratory using pre-paid envelope. 

3. Our laboratory will 3D scan, modify and print your Beverly Hills Whitening Trays. 

4. Your custom-made Beverly Hills Whitening Trays arrive in the mail approximately 2 weeks after mailing them to us. 

1. Rinse Beverly Hills Whitening Trays under cool water.

2. Scrub trays using a wet toothbrush. No toothpaste needed.

3. Place trays into travel case.

4. Verify trays have completely dried prior to closing case.

We can reprint your Beverly Hills Whitening trays for $99. It does not require a new impression.