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8 Day Whitening Gel + Strengthening Paste

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A Match Made In Heaven

Designed for people who already have dentist-made whitening trays or clear aligners. 

All the benefits of our Complete 8-Day Teeth Whitening Treatment without Beverly Hills Whitening Trays.

Place Whitening Gel in trays. Dry teeth with gauze. Wear for one hour. Rinse. Brush teeth with Strengthening Paste. 

Proven to whiten teeth better than at the dentist.



• Place Beverly Hills Whitening Gel into your custom-fitted Beverly Hills Whitening trays. 

• Dry teeth with gauze. 

• Wear trays for 1 hour. 

• Remove Trays and brush teeth with Strengthening Paste. 

• Repeat for 8 days until Treatment is complete.

Eat and drink without worry. Results achieved after completion of 8-Day Whitening Treatment will never fade with easy maintenance. Use New Stain Remover once per month

How to Touch Up:

• Place New Stain Remover in Beverly Hills Whitening Trays.

• Wear for 45 minutes.

• All Shipping is included

• After purchase, an impression kit is mailed the next business day. Custom-made Beverly Hills Whitening Trays and treatment arrives approximately 14 days after returning impressions to our laboratory