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We can completely revolutionize a smile with zero trips to the dentist and no drilling- for about the cost of an exam, x-rays and cleaning.  

BHW programs are unlike anything else on the market. Our BHW trays are custom made to seal out saliva for incredible results night after night. Our gel is safe and effective. Every step is backed by proven science. We have five programs to choose from- tackling even the most difficult of cases previously thought to be impossible to whiten.

When saliva touches whitening gel, the gel stops working. So, we seal out the saliva.

BHW trays are patent-pending and custom-made by hand to fit your smile. A pocket is made for each tooth to hold whitening gel in place and seal saliva out, allowing for up to 8 hours of whitening each night. 

BHW trays have a soft inside and tough outside. Gel doesn't leak during the night and can be comfortably worn by teeth grinders and clenchers.

Natural teeth can never look fake- no matter how much you whiten them. Only fake teeth look fake.

Beverly Hills Whitening will not damage your teeth. All of our programs involve nights of whitening teeth and nights of strengthening teeth. Our enamel-safe whitening gel is pH neutral and specially formulated to gently remove stains deep within the tooth. Every program includes strengthening paste that is like vitamins for your teeth.

Yes, you may whiten with previous dental work. Most bonding on front teeth is translucent and will blend very well with whitened teeth. Keep in mind only natural teeth will lighten. 

If you have questions about your particular case, please contact us to discuss it. We are always happy to help.

Whitening takes time. Stains take months, years, or decades to form in the teeth. They cannot be properly taken out in an hour.

We believe in doing things the right way for long term results and tooth health. There are no gimmicks, just results that speak for themselves.

Lights have not been scientifically proven to do anything to improve whitening. They are a gimmick.

It is very easy to take a great impression. We send you a video and pamphlet make impression the process straightforward.

Your custom-made BHW trays & selected program should arrive within 14 days of returning the impressions.

Absolutely. BHW gel is outstanding at removing even decades old stains.

Every whitening option on the market has the possibility of causing tooth whitening related sensitivity.

Most people will feel no sensitivity. However, everyone is different. Our programs designed to be extremely gentle and effective. We are confident you will have incredible results while avoiding or minimizing sensitivity altogether.

If you have a history of daily tooth sensitivity or sensitivity while tooth whitening, we suggest choosing the Sensitive Teeth program.

If you would like to expedite the process, contact us directly at 1-844-44-90210 or support@beverlyhillswhitening.com . Arrangements may easily be made for an additional fee.

We suggest not using Beverly Hills Whitening, or any other professional & over-the-counter whitening option, if you are pregnant or nursing.

The strengthening paste CANNOT be used by anyone with a milk allergy. If you have a milk allergy, contact us directly and we can arrange for an alternative strengthening paste to be sent.

We are happy to help in any way for you to get a great impression. However, If the impression kit is not returned we will happily refund your money less a $90 fee for the cost of the impression kit. 

Please contact us anytime. We want to answer any questions or concerns you have.

We are available via phone at ­­­­­(310) 595-2763 or email at: help@beverlyhillswhitening.com