Developed in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Whitening was born from the dental offices of Beverly Hills itself. While providing cosmetic dentistry to the world's most famous faces, Dr. Girard asked a question:

How can everyone get professional & effective teeth whitening, without a trip to Los Angeles?

After sleepless nights and countless iterations, we have the answer. We've combined professional & effective methods used on our clients in the Hills, with a product design backed by science. And oh yeah, it works.

Our Founder

Dr. Caroline Girard founded Beverly Hills Whitening while practicing as a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Girard received her Doctorate in Dental Surgery from Ivy League Columbia University, is a licensed Esthetician, and trained under world-renowned cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brian LeSage.

Since designing our patent pending Beverly Hills Whitening Tray, she has reinvented traditional teeth whitening for the busy, modern consumer.

Our Company

Beverly Hills Whitening started with Dr. Girard designing our whitening tray in her basement. Now our state-of-the-art lab is something we're proud of.

We aren't some big conglomerate or corporation — We're family owned and operated.

Located here in Los Angeles, California, we bolster a team of skilled local dental and working professionals.

Our Mission

In the beginning, we set out with a single mission — to re-invent teeth whitening. Along the way it became so much more.

Everyday here at BHW we strive to give people confidence within themselves and their smiles. We deliver high-quality, proven products & excellent service, focused on you.

Health and happiness is at the core of everything we do. All of our products are made using only FDA approved materials and our packaging is sustainably sourced. Let's make the world smile more!