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Beverly Hills Whitening Gel: 8 Day Whitening

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Dentist grade
sensitivity free
Fast & effective
  • Dentist grade
  • sensitivity free
  • Fast & effective


pH Neutral Gel

Contains Whitening Gel for 8 Teeth Whitening Treatments: Use one hour, once per day, for 8 days

Beverly Hill Whitening Gel is recommended to be used in clear aligners or whitening trays custom made by a licensed dental professional.    

Beverly Hills Whitening Gel: 8-Day Treatment
  • 4 syringes of gel
  • Gauze

How Is It Different From Other Whitening Gels:

Beverly Hills Whitening Gel is dentist strength and designed to release oxygen into the teeth. Whitening Gel gently breaks apart surface and deep staining for a lasting result. Great for sensitive teeth, aging teeth and mild to severe staining.