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New Stain Remover

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Worry-Free Whitening


• Place Beverly Hills Whitening Gel into your custom-fitted Beverly Hills Whitening trays. 

• Dry teeth with gauze. 

• Wear trays for 1 hour. 

• Remove Trays and brush teeth with Strengthening Paste. 

• Repeat for 8 days until Treatment is complete.

Eat and drink without worry. Results achieved after completion of 8-Day Whitening Treatment will never fade with easy maintenance. Use New Stain Remover once per month

How to Touch Up:

• Place New Stain Remover in Beverly Hills Whitening Trays.

• Wear for 45 minutes.

• All Shipping is included

• After purchase, an impression kit is mailed the next business day. Custom-made Beverly Hills Whitening Trays and treatment arrives approximately 14 days after returning impressions to our laboratory