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Tetracycline Whitening - Teeth Whitening Tetracycline Teeth

Tetracycline Whitening - Teeth Whitening Tetracycline Teeth

What works to whiten tetracycline teeth? There are lot of whitening treatments out there, but most don't work. Here we explore a solution.

Many people today still deal with tetracycline teeth. Tetracycline stained teeth — caused by mineralization and oxidation— can present discolored and banded teeth in a variety of ways, causing yellow stains in mild cases, to grayish or blackish teeth in worse cases. Tetracycline teeth can be detrimental to self esteem and affect life in more ways that they should. Whitening tetracycline teeth is a great way to boost self confidence and restore your smile.

Due to the nature of tetracycline stains and their location deep within the tooth structure, it was previously thought that tetracycline stains on teeth could not be whitened away. Most dentists would suggest covering the teeth with opaque crowns or veneers to hide them. This is both costly and involved, and isn't always an option for everyone.

It is true that tetracycline stains are deep within the tooth structure, but with the proper teeth whitening treatment, a dramatic change in color can occur. 

A whitening treatment that not only whitens the surface of the teeth, but penetrates deep into the tooth to whiten the entire thing is what is most effective in whitening tetracycline stained teeth. That means whitening toothpastes, whitening LED treatments, whitening pens, and even whitening strips do virtually nothing to whiten tetracycline teeth.

Scientific literature tells us the most effective way to whiten tetracycline stains on teeth is to whiten using custom-made whitening trays while using whitening gel inside teeth trays. The question is, where do I find a teeth whitening treatment that offers this? Although it can be hard to find professional whitening treatments, has you covered.

Beverly Hills Whitening provides professional-grade whitening treatments and products perfect for lifting tetracycline stains on teeth. They use dental-grade whitening products for highly effective results, and provide completely custom treatments. Their whitening trays are custom-made to provide superior results, and all of their treatments are backed fully by science. Their whitening treatments work by the hour to provide the best and brightest possible whitening results, and are effective at lifting the deep stains caused by tetracycline. Best of all, it's an at-home treatment.

Keep in mind though that this isn't a perfect science, as whitening tetracycline stains is the most unpredictable of all teeth discolorations. Completion of the entire Beverly Hills Whitening Treatment is crucial — it's designed by industry professionals with that in mind. Regular maintenance is key as well to avoid color relapse, and can be completed through the Maintenance Program they offer.

This Beverly Hills Whitening treatment will be the most effective teeth whitener for individuals with tetracycline stained teeth and really is a convenient and inclusive solution that doesn't breaking the bank. If you're still unsure, I recommend checking out their website and seeing for yourself.