Professional Teeth Whitening

Delivered to your Door


Four Unique Treatments

Designed by industry-leading professionals, backed by science

Select based upon your Whitening Goals, Sensitivity and Schedule

  • Beverly Hills White
  • Natural White
  • Natural White Sensitive
  • Daylight White

Beverly Hills White

Maximum Whitening Possible

Brightest Results

14 Nights

Natural White

Restores Your Natural White

Brighter Results

14 Nights

Natural White Sensitive

Great for Sensitive Teeth

Brighter Results

20 Nights

Daylight White

Daytime Whitening

Bright Results

14 Days


We're Not the Other Guys

Just Compare

Strips & Pens


Only Removes Surface Stains

Requires Constant Repetition

Max 20-30 Minutes of Whitening

No Customization

LED Treatments


LED Lights are a Gimmick

Not Proven by Science


Products Break

Beverly Hills Whitening


Scientifically Proven to be the Most Effective

Up To 8 hours of Whitening

Strengthens + Whitens + Reduces Sensitivity

Results Last Forever with Maintenance

Fully Custom, Delivered to Your Door

Dentists Office



Requires Multiple Dentist Visits

Results Fade in Months

High Tooth Sensitivity

Low Customization

Did You Know?
When saliva touches whitening gel, the gel stops working.

Our Secret?

The Beverly Hills Whitening Tray.

*Patent Pending

Our tray technology makes us stand out from the crowd:

  • Our pocketed design holds whitening gel in place and seals out saliva — Keeping it from disrupting the chemical process.

We've developed a whitening tray that is functional in every way.

  • Each tray is custom designed to its user.
  • Our bio-compatible dual-layer structure provides a soft, cushioned exterior and firm interior for maximum comfort and durability.
  • The ultra-thin 1.5mm design and 3d-scanned moldings deliver a precision fit.

What It Can Do

Our tray's ability to seal allows us to offer professional whitening formulas used by industry-leading dentists.  

What's even better is it whitens up to 8 hours while you sleep. Not minutes like other whitening products.

Our treatments yield whitening results you can't get anywhere except the dentist's office.


Professional Treatment

Not only are our treatments custom, they are professionally designed using dentist-grade products.

Strengthening Paste delivers bio-available minerals to keep your teeth strong and prevent sensitivity

Whitening Gel 
Professional formulations for effective results

Treatment Calendar lays out a professionally designed treatment schedule

Our Process

Designed by Dental Professionals - Driven by Science

1. Choose

Choose the whitening treatment that's right for you. Our different treatments are designed around varying sensitivity, results, and schedules.

2. Impressions

Take impressions of your smile — We'll scan your mold into a 3D render and create your custom trays.

3. Whiten + Strengthen

You'll use professional-grade whitening gel that whitens your teeth for up to 8 hours while you sleep. Your teeth are top priority. We provide paste to strengthen your teeth and reduce sensitivity.

4. Maintain

Teeth naturally stain over time. Our maintenance program keeps your smile bright forever - Have all the coffee and wine you like!

Before & After

Join Our Maintenance Program

Keep Smiling

Whitening Gel & Strengthening Paste

3 Shipments a Year

Trays Lifetime Warranty

Teeth naturally stain overtime, that's just the way it goes.

Our maintenance program removes the stains you get while living life, and keeps your smile bright.

No commitment, Cancel anytime


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